Depth Charge Soil Mix

Depth Charge
is an amended all natural soil mix that is used throughout the growth and flowering cycle to replace convention liquid fertilizer. Depth Charge is my by hand by passionate gardeners and with careful concern for a beautiful final harvest right here in Michigan. Of course, we keep it all natural for a healing plants, a healthy planet, and happy people

Directions for use:

Depth Charge Soilmix should be applied at the bottom of your container during transplant at the following rates

Vegetation/Growth Phase: 1 to 2 cups depth charge per 1 gallon of container size
Bloom Flowering Phase: 5 - 6 cups of Depth Charge per 1 gallon of container size
(These are recommended levels for average feeding plants for lighter or heavier feeding plants qualities may need to be adjusted)

The remainder of the container is to be filled with your favorite organic amended soil mix and of course your transplanted plant. Allow the plant's roots to reach and populate the depth charge soil mix before changing photoperiod from growth phase to flowering phase (about 10 to 14 days.) Use dechlorinated water for best results. The use of active aerated compost teas or  of other biological inoculants will further benefits.

Ingredients: Sphagnum peat moss,perlite, worm castings, bone mea,l blood meal, bat guano, volcanic rock dust, Azomite, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, rock phosphate, dolomite lime, magnesium sulfate, humic acid derived from freshwater humic substances, bird guano, crab shell meal, shrimp meal, neem seed meal, Bokashi, molasses

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